Answering a new call from the DMAX ESPAÑA channel, we created the promotional graphic pack for the Futsal Eurocopa – Slovenia 2018.
We seek to reflect the dynamics of speed and intensity of futsal by focusing on its protagonists. Fast plays, shots and pirouettes give form to a sporting story, while strong and changing typographical displays enhance the information reflecting the creativity that characterizes the sport. We present you with a lot of pride, a director version, of an incredible project!!

By InlandStudio / Creative Director: Julian Nuñez / Desgin Direction: Gonzalo Nogues / Lightning & Shading: Julian Nuñez, Diego Túmites, Damian Maas. / 3D Animation: Diego Túmites, Damian Maas, Julian Nuñez.  / Composition: Julian Nuñez, Gonzalo Nogues / 2D Animation: Gonzalo Nogues. /Client: DMAX / Marketing Director: Elena Hermosilla /On air manager: Mauro Zinni.