Dmax came to us with a challenge that we love! For the image and brand change, they was Proposed make four teasers, in which reflected these change and the essence Of the four main topics of the channel. It was a fun & intense challenge and The result make us very proud of our team!

Directed by: InlandStudio Art Direction: Julián Nuñez Animation Director: Julián Nuñez 3D Modeling: Julián Nuñez – Damián Maas – Diego Tumites Lighting: Julián Nuñez VFX: Gonzalo Nogués – Javier Bernales Story and Art Concept Board: Natalia Bedrossian 3D Animation: Damián Maas – Diego Tumites 2D Animation: Gonzalo Nogués – Javier Bernales Compositing: Gonzalo Nogués – Javier Bernales – Julián Nuñez Year: 2016 Client: Discovery Networks Spain & Portugal Marketing and Communications Director: Elena Hermosilla Galcerán On Air Manager: Mauro Zinni Sound Designer: Joaquín García Torrecilla