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We had the pleasure of being summoned again by Discovery Channel for the development of 5 idents. The challenge was to create five universes that represent the emblematic themes of the channel and thus transmit the Discovery essence with a simple and direct storytelling. We hope you enjoy it!

Creative Director: Julian Nuñez Design/ Direction: Julian Nuñez Modeling: Diego Túmites, Julian Nuñez, Martin Motta/ Texturing: Martin Motta, Diego Túmites / Lightning & Shading: Julian Nuñez, Diego Túmites / 3D Animatin: Diego Túmites, Julian Nuñez / VFX: Diego / Túmites / Composition: Julian Nuñez, Gonzalo Nogues / Sr. Director Panregional: Lucilla Picco / Art Director: Sergio Laguzzi / Producer: Lorena Walker