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A 7up can should be taken cold, perspired and on a hot day. We have a lot of fun developing this machine that gives us a can at the right time to be enjoyed. Platforms that meet with freezer tubes, Sparys that bathe and cooling fans are the elements with which we build this fun piece.

© Design & Crafted by / Direction:  InlandStudio / Art Director: Julian Nuñez  / Design: Julian Nuñez, Gonzalo Nogues, Javier Bernales / Animation Direction: Julian Nuñez / Animation: Julian Nuñez , Gonzalo Nogues / 3D Modeling: Diego Tumites / Lighting & Shading : Diego Tumites / 3D Animation: Diego Tumites, Julian Nuñez  / VFX: Diego Tumites / Composition: Julian Nuñez  / Client: +Castro